Top Four Benefits of Subscription Boxes

by The Chief
Top Four Benefits of Subscription Boxes

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Subscription boxes are a new retail phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe.  Once a month, or more or less frequently if you desire, a box with some of the coolest items arrives at your home.  If you have a special interest, there’s probably a subscription box service out there for you.  You may be thinking, why bother?  I can just go out and shop for the same things on my own.  However, depending on your needs, a good subscription service could save you time and money.  Let’s explore how.

How Subscription Boxes Work

Most subscription box services start in the $10 per box price range, but some can exceed several hundred dollars.  Depending on what the service does, customers receive a box of curated items anywhere from a few times a week to every few months delivered right to their door.  There are subscription box retailers in almost every facet, from meals and snacks, to makeup and beauty products, to the latest tech and gadgets, to baby food and diapers, to clothes and shoes; literally almost anything you could imagine.  These companies pride themselves on finding the latest and most exciting products for their customers.  Usually, you will complete a profile when signing up for a new service that will ask you about your likes and dislikes so they can fine tune your product selection. 

Top Four Benefits of Subscription Box Services

Saving Time

If you’re always short on time, there are several subscription box services that could suit your needs.  Services like Graze and Blue Apron can take care of snacks and meals if you have trouble making it to the grocery store.  Or, if you just don’t have the time to drive around shopping for the best deals on products you use all the time like paper towels, printer ink, or vitamins, you can have everything you need delivered on your schedule at a discount.

Saving Money

Speaking of a discount, many big box retailers are now offering subscription services for a variety of household items at a five percent discount and free shipping, saving you money up front on the things you need.  Furthermore, many subscription box retailers offer one and a half to two times the retail value in products to their subscribers. 


While you could probably find and buy many of the items subscription box services send to their customers, it would take up a lot of effort on your part.  These companies pay their employees to find the very best of the coolest, newest, hippest things to send their customers so they don’t have to. 

The Surprise

Getting a package in the mail creates a sense of anticipation when you know it’s on the way, and not knowing what’s inside only heightens it.  Waiting on the arrival of your subscription box is like waiting for Christmas morning, only it happens more often.  You can create that childlike sense of excitement for yourself or a loved one on a regular basis by finding the perfect subscription box service.  Whatever the interest, there’s a subscription box service for it.

by The Chief